SDCG Welcomes Dr. Adam McBride

Dr. Adam McBride is originally from Lexington, MA. He graduated from Syracuse University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science.
He received his Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic from Life University in 2015. Dr. McBride utilizes Diversified Technique, Thompson Technique, Activator Methods Technique, Sacro-occipital technique, Gonstead technique, and Applied Kinesiology.
He has worked as a personal trainer and physical therapy assistant, and specializes in rehabilitative methods such as Active Release Technique (ART) and corrective exercises for movement patterns. Dr. McBride also educates his patients on holistic healthcare and prevention.
In his personal time, Dr. McBride likes to venture out and explore much of the nature and wonder that Southern California has to offer.

SDCG Welcomes Rachel Worley

Rachel WorleyRachel Worley provides PCA SKIN customized facial treatments and chemical peels. PCA SKIN Chemical Peels are fundamentally different, remarkably effective and results driven. These corrective peels deliver results without burning or “down time” and are an effective, painless and quick way to rejuvenate your skin. Corrective peels have been shown to be an excellent, non-invasive way to help correct an abundance of skin concerns.

Our esthetician services include facials, diamond micro-dermabrasion, and peels, in our new spa room, in addition to skin re-surfacing.

SDCG Welcomes Julia Surdut Young, DPT

Julia Surdut Young, DPT earned her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Julia has a extensive background including experience with a variety of orthopedic and spine injures as well as neuromuscular and neurological impairments.

She understands the importance of patient centered care and provides a comprehensive treatment approach that may include postural training, movement corrections, and stability/strength training with a Pilates approach. Julia believes in enabling patients with the understanding of home exercise programs focusing on underlying impairments to promote functional gains and improved quality of life.

San Diego Chiropractor Earns Highest Certification in Traumatology

Spinal Injuries and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are on the Rise

david-kneppAlthough the number of fatalities from motor vehicle collisions (MVC) has reached an all-time low in recent years. Innovations such as laminated windshields, collapsable steering wheels, more effective restraint systems, and an increasingly more crashworthy overall structure have greatly improved the survivability of these crashes.

But the low fatality statistics tells only half of the story. Figures that are less often reported are the millions of non-fatal crashes that raise the annual estimated comprehensive price tag of MVC to more than $346 billion. The majority of these occur at speed changes of under 15 mph according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Three million of these crashes result in whiplash-type injuries, according to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, contributing about $43 billion (12%) to this huge comprehensive cost. This is one motivation behind the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( practice of evaluating and ranking the relative safety of cars with regard to whiplash protection. Without a decent rating in this category, the car, SUV, or truck will not earn the Institute’s Top Safety Pick award.

So why this high cost for whiplash injuries? Because nearly half of the victims require prolonged treatment and suffer long-term symptoms. Many suffer mild traumatic brain injuries as well. About 10% of the victims become disabled. And most physicians simply do not have the specialized training to provide the most effective treatment. Dr. David Knepp has been certified by the Spine Research Institute of San Diego as an expert in this very specialized area of science, which requires insight into the physics of the actual crash mechanics and the occupant kinematics—or motions resulting from the crash—as well as all of the latest diagnostic methods and treatments approaches. For the past 15 years, the institute has been conferring this highest level of certification to only 100 physicians each year.
If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Knepp, please call 858-560-5022 or email
Or you can visit our website at SD Chiro Group


SDCG Welomes Howard Waldman M.D., D.O.

San Diego Chiropractic Group is pleased to welcome and announce
the addition of a medical doctor to our practice:  Howard Waldman M.D., D.O.

Dr. Waldman is a native of the Kansas City area and received his Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Health Sciences in El Paso Texas. He completed his internship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and his residency iDr. Waldmann Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Waldman was medical director of the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Electro Diagnostic Laboratory at the prestigious Headache and Pain Center in Kansas City. He has written numerous journal articles and book chapters, as well as lecture nationally on pain medicine.

Dr. Waldman specializes in providing pain management services such as guided nerve blocks and other injections, and the performing of diagnostic testing including EMG, Nerve Conduction Studies, and Diagnostic Ultrasound.

Accepting Most Insurances including Medicare, PPO plans, Med-pay, and Personal Injury Liens. Affordable Prompt Pay Cash Rates are also available.

5252 Balboa Ave. Suite 901 San Diego CA 92117

Auto Accident and Insurance Coverage

Having been in practice as a chiropractor for over fifteen years, I have treated hundreds of patients who have been injured in auto accidents.  Over the years I became aware that most of my patients were in my opinion, “under-insured”.

In terms of auto insurance coverage, one important coverage amount is the Liability limits.  This includes the amount your insurance will cover for property damage and also for bodily injury.  This is used when you are at fault in an auto accident.  Often low coverages mean if you are involved in a multi-vehicle crash and are at fault, the combined injuries and damages could exceed you limits.  If you can financially afford higher limits get them.  If you have any net worth or assets to protect as well as future income earning potential, I recommend having higher policy limits and an umbrella coverage plan.

I often see patients who had damages that exceeded the policy limits of the person that caused the accident. When this occurs, the only other way to attempt to collect the remaining damages that may include medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering, is to take the person to court.  Often that person may have no assets and may not have any income to provide, even if you are awarded a judgment.  So one should always carry an uninsured or underinsured coverage on their policy.  This policy can be used to then pay out any remaining medical bills, lost wages, auto repairs or replacement, and damages when the defendant’s insurance is maxed.  This is your insurance and the law states they must under full faith and trust reasonably compensate you for the differences.

How much do you need?  I suggest sitting down with your insurance agent and reviewing your coverages and your lifestyle and income.  Consider this scenario that I have seen too often.

You are rear ended in a brand new car that you purchased for $40,000.  The car has major damage and the frame and one axel are bent.  The insurance company deems your car a total loss, but the person who hit you has only 15k in coverage.  If you have no uninsured or underinsured coverage you could be out 25k, but with this coverage your insurance will pay out to what the agreed value of the car is.

Now you had your family of 4 in the car and each had moderate injuries including a trip to the ER, x-rays, an MRI, several medical visits, chiropractic, and physical therapy.  The bills are over 10k each, or a total of 40k, but the person who hit you only covers a max of 30k.  Again you have the option of suing them in small claims court and then trying to collect your money, good luck.

Bottom Line:  Carry both liability in a high limit (I suggest 250k/500k) and the same for underinsured or uninsured.  Increasing the limits only costs a little more relative to the increase in coverage you gain.

Also consider adding Medical Payments to you plan.  This allows your bills to be paid whether you are at fault or not up to the limit you chose.

One of the biggest misses I see is:
Not having any disability insurance policy in place.

I have seen so many of my patients suffer both physically and financially, while being out of work due to injuries that prevent them from return to their normal jobs.  Take a housekeeper or a carpenter, serious back or neck injuries may preclude them from returning to work for several months or years.  If you pay into State Disability you may file and collect if eligible, but it will not be 100% of your normal wages, and may run out before you are able to return to work.  Often self- employed individuals don’t even pay into State Disability and are left with no income after a serious accident and injuries.

Protect yourself and plan ahead, find a short term and/or long term policy that meets your needs, so you can still pay your mortgage, rent, groceries, and take care of your family while you are recovering.

We all say it probably will never happen to me. But I say it very well could and based on my years of experience I have seen parties injured who were out of work for several weeks, to months, to over a year.  I have seen them struggle to keep their homes and often see them left in a financial ruin, waiting until their claim is settled, which can be years after the actual accident.  I have treated students, high earning executives, attorneys, doctors, housekeepers, and care-givers all injured and unable to work for several months.

Don’t wait, plan ahead and protect yourself and your family. Find out what coverages you have and review them.  Contact your agent or insurance carrier directly to review and chose to be over-protected versus under-protected.

The above statements are my opinion, but are based on my experience with working with and treating patients injured in auto accidents over the last fifteen years.

David Knepp  DC
San Diego Chiropractic Group


Rising healthcare costs….who’s to blame?

As both a physician and small business owner, I am perplexed with the rapid rise in the cost of health care plans.  I have several employees in my group plan,  and have seen my costs quadruple over the last decade for coverage in a small group HMO plan. .
Yet as a provider, I have had my reimbursements decreased across the board from Medicare to PPO’s.  As a provider I can tell you I haven’t even had a cost of living increase added to my remibursement rates in the past decade.  Instead we are forced to see more patients with less time for each patient, to produce more paperwork and pre-authorizations.  The fact is all physicians have to see more patients to produce the same level of income year to year and to keep up with rising business costs.  This is not singular to the chiropractic profession, anyone who provides services for reimbursement by health care plans has seen the same reduction in payment for procedures.  So where is all the money going we spend on increased plan permiums?

Well perhaps mostly to the drug companies who are producing more drugs to combat many of the illnesses and disease processes we in fact initiate ourselves.  After all, we are partly to blame.  Obesity and diabetes are among all time highs, fueled by our poor eating habits and unheathly lifestyles.  Some of the most prescribed and most costly drugs like the statins for cholesterol could be avoided if we ate right, exercised, and didn’t expect doctors to have a drug to fix everything.  Then we have to take other drugs to counteract the side effects of the drugs we were just prescribed.  These drug costs are then past back to us in the form of higher permiums for health insurance. 

Health insurance companies are having record high profits and none of this is being distributed to the physicians and care givers who “work for them”.  I do however want to acknowledge and be thankful for the research and development of new drugs and procedurese that fight cancer, HIV, and other serious illnesses.

So what is the answer?  Perhaps, we must start by taking a stand to live healthier lives; by eating healthy, exercising, and not engaging in unhealthly activities like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.  We must decide that it’s not okay to be overweight from poor eating and lack of exercise and then expect our physicians to have a drug to bail us out.  What if there were no statins or blood pressure medications?  What if we were tested and knew we could die at any minute with excessively high blood pressure or cholesterol levels?  Maybe we would think twice about what we do, what we eat, and how we live.  But wait, we have a drug for that too, anti-anxiety meds.

Our healthcare is in crisis; we can chose to change our lifestyles and habits, or we can continue to pay for the drugs and diagnostic tests and make the drug companies and insurance companies CEO’s millionaires.

Welcome to San Diego Chiropractic Group’s Blog Page

Looking for a chiropractor?  Questions you should ask:

Just as much thought should go into searching for a chiropractic doctor as should be placed into selecting your medical physician.  Here are some great questions to ask the doctor’s front office when you call to make an appointment:

What are your hours and days you are open?  (Do these fit into your time schedule)

How soon can I be seen as a new patient and can I be seen for emergency visits on the same day if needed?

What type of chiropractic techniques does the doctor use and what school did he or she graduate from?

Do you accept insurance and if so do you accept my health plan if it covers chiropractic?

Do you offer any other services in your office such as acupuncture, massage, sports physicals, nutritional counseling, or physical therapy?

Do you offer cash discounts for students or military?

How much time does the doctor typically spend on the first visit and then on follow up office visits?

Do you have an x-ray facility on-site and does your doctor usually recommend taking regional views during the exam?

Can I schedule a free consultation or just stop by to see the office?

Some questions may be of priority to you so ask the most important ones first.  Try to call the office during their off peak hours, typically early morning or just after lunch for most chiropractic clinics.  If the office is busy, ask if someone could call you back to answer a few questions.  Most importantly remember you are the patient seeking services, take the time to research offices and find the one that offers the services you are looking for.

At San Diego Chiropractic Group, our staff is always willing to answer these questions and more.  Feel free to call and schedule a free consultation or take a brief tour of our facility.