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Looking for a chiropractor?  Questions you should ask:

Just as much thought should go into searching for a chiropractic doctor as should be placed into selecting your medical physician.  Here are some great questions to ask the doctor’s front office when you call to make an appointment:

What are your hours and days you are open?  (Do these fit into your time schedule)

How soon can I be seen as a new patient and can I be seen for emergency visits on the same day if needed?

What type of chiropractic techniques does the doctor use and what school did he or she graduate from?

Do you accept insurance and if so do you accept my health plan if it covers chiropractic?

Do you offer any other services in your office such as acupuncture, massage, sports physicals, nutritional counseling, or physical therapy?

Do you offer cash discounts for students or military?

How much time does the doctor typically spend on the first visit and then on follow up office visits?

Do you have an x-ray facility on-site and does your doctor usually recommend taking regional views during the exam?

Can I schedule a free consultation or just stop by to see the office?

Some questions may be of priority to you so ask the most important ones first.  Try to call the office during their off peak hours, typically early morning or just after lunch for most chiropractic clinics.  If the office is busy, ask if someone could call you back to answer a few questions.  Most importantly remember you are the patient seeking services, take the time to research offices and find the one that offers the services you are looking for.

At San Diego Chiropractic Group, our staff is always willing to answer these questions and more.  Feel free to call and schedule a free consultation or take a brief tour of our facility.


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